About Brand

“AZERÇAY” Traditional tea!

Tea is the most widespread non-alcoholic drink among the people. When drinking refreshing sweet drinks on hot summer days, it makes an effect only in the oral cavity and when drinking tea, the temperature in the whole body decreases 1-2 ° C. The consumption of tea is about two times more than the consumption of other non-alcoholic drinks.

China is considered the homeland of tea plant. The first tea in Azerbaijan was planted in Lankaran in 1896. Tea plantations of industrial significance were built in 50 hectars field in Lankaran in 1932. Lankaran №1 Tea Processing Factory, which was put into operation in 1938, currently operates within the scope of “Azersun Holding”. Tea, which is considered to be an irreplaceable drink in daily food ration, is an integral part of the Azerbaijani cuisine. "Azercay" which is consumed with great pleasure in many countries in the world, is a local, natural, native tea and a national brand of Azerbaijan.

At present, there are different tea brands in the world market. "Azercay" is distinguished among the others by its unique place and role. "Azercay", which expresses the specificity and freshness of the Azerbaijani tea, has entered the Azerbaijan market as the first national tea brand since 1996. This brand incorporates a mixture of high-quality tea from the tea gardens of Azerbaijan, which is known as beautiful part of the East, as well as colorful tea varieties aimed at different consumer tastes. The target audience of "Azercay" brand is not only consumers who want to consume traditional Azerbaijani tea, but also people who love different or special tea varieties (fruit, herbal, etc.) and do not want to replace it with any brands.

"Azercay" brand, which has received international certificates for hygienic and safety standards in accordance with world standards, has gained great popularity in the world market with high quality black and green tea. Currently, Azercay is exported to a number of countries such as Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania, Poland, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and other countries as well as the United States of America.

The Azerbaijanis who travel to foreign countries and also foreign guests buy and take the Azercay, which is an integral part of the tea culture of Azerbaijan, with them. Taking into account the high demand of foreigners, mainly Russian consumers for "Azercay" brand, "Kuban Tea" Tea Factory was commissioned by “Azersun Holding” in Belorechensk, Russia, in the Krasnodar region of Russia in 2010. The "Azercay" products produced at "Kuban Tea" Tea Factory are located on a number of market shelves such as "Pyatyorocka", "Aliye parusa", "Ashan", "Magnit", "Diksi", "Tvoy dom" and other large markets situate in several cities of Russia.

“Azercay” brand is sold at “AZERCAY” stand which locates in “Duty Free Shop” operating at H.Aliyev International Airport and about 300 Duty Free Shops operating at 150 airports situating in 59 countries, according to the agreement signed with “Gebr Heinemann”.

Also “AZERCAY” sales point which locates in 3rd floor of Park Boulevard Shopping Mall, the beautiful place of Baku, makes our citizens and foreign guests happy with its wide range of products. Here, you can get all kinds of "Azercay" brand and "Azercay" tea with national souvenir gift.
"Azercay" brand is also very successful in local and international events. Thus “Azercay” has been awarded with gold medal and certificates in nomination of “Black, flavored tea” in Worldwide Tea and Coffee festivals, "Product of the Year" high quality tea award at the international "World Food Moscow" food exhibition held in Moscow and also awarded with "The Most Liked Tea" in the "People's Choice" competition held in Azerbaijan in different years and other high awards.

Azercay is also a sponsor and exclusive tea brand in many local and international events. We can note the participation and gained medals of our brand in the exhibitions organized in Azerbaijan and Russia as an example. "Azercay" has presented tasty and delicious Azerbaijani tea to thousands of guests who came to the “MAKS 2013” international aviation and space technologies exhibition in Russia in 2013 as an exclusive tea brand.

"Azercay" was the exclusive tea brand of "Eurovision 2012" and The First European Games "Baku-2015", organized in Azerbaijan in 2012 and 2015. Azercay served to the guests as an official tea product in these events.

Azercay, as the official partner of the first Golf Club in Azerbaijan, presented the spectacular Azerbaijani tea to the event participants, as well as a variety of gifts to the guests. "Azercay" became the official sponsor of the U17 European Championship in 2016 to increase interest in football among the adults in Azerbaijan and to support them in this way.

"Azercay" also acts as a sponsor of Audi Group, the leader of rally competitions in the world. "Audi" car decorated with "Azercay" logo and "Audi" team in the uniform of Azercay, won the competitions held in 2014 and 2015. The Audi team, which is also participating in the 2016 race with cars decorated with the "Azercay" logo, has also won the title again. But this time the team was in the second place.

And the most importantly, our national brand is the official partner of "Qarabağ" Football Club for many years. "Azercay" is always accompanied by our team in all games held both in Azerbaijan and abroad.

"Azercay" is divided into bouquets, bergamot, special, exclusive, traditional, flavored and non-flavored, green and black, leaf and lump tea according to our brand and each of this brands has special advantages and tastes for different groups of consumers separately.