About Brand

"AZERÇAY" – Traditional Tea!

  The old East, full of mysteries, is a unique treasure of human history. The countless legends that have undergone the most different interpretations at all times were a product of Eastern thought. And a special place in the row of these unprecedented legends belongs to tea.

Approximately 120 years ago, this tributary of the Eastern legend has reached Azerbaijan. This legend has taken roots in our land, fed on its juices, absorbed aromas and sprouted as legendary plant grown into a part of our culture. With its arrival, it has created a tea culture that becomes even more enriched day by day.

We would proudly emphasize that during the Soviet period the fame of the Azerbaijani Tea had crossed the borders of the union. It was possible to see flavored Azerbaijani tea in Europe, Asia, and even the Far East markets. Poland, Hungary, Finland, Bulgaria, Syria, Iran, Afghanistan and Mongolia were decorated with the Azerbaijani tea. In the 80s of the previous century, Azerbaijan met more than 10% of USSR's overall 300 millionth demand for tea.

AZERÇAY is the first national tea brand of independent Azerbaijan, reflecting the particularity and freshness of the Azerbaijani Tea. This brand, suggesting the colorful varieties of tea, has the highest quality blend of teas that covers the wide range of different consumer tastes.