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Buket Buket Buket Buket

“Azercay” buket tea is specially prepared with the prescription of Azerbaijan Buket tea exported during the Soviet period. The delicious taste of our native tea, which has gathered us around a table for many years, has not been forgotten and has been transmitted from generation to generation. The "Azercay" buket tea will give you a nostalgic feeling with its native taste and aroma.

This product is a mixture of large leafy, long-twisted orange Pekoe (OPA) teas. The tea was specially grown and collected and produced from elongated, perfectly twisted green tea leaves using special technology. The taste of the tea is graceful mouth dazzling, the color is bright golden-red.

Use fresh and light water to brew delicious tea that makes everyone delightful. It should not be boiled for longer than 10 seconds in order not to lose oxygen while boiling. Boiled water should not be reused. It is better to use porcelain teapot instead of metal teapot. Two teaspoons of dry leafy tea are added to 200 ml of freshly boiled water and the lid of the teapot is covered. For better brewing, the teapot must be covered with a towel. In this case, for brewing of large leafy teas 7 - 8 minutes should be waited. The brewed tea is served to the table tastefully.

After opening the box, the tea should be stored in a dry and odorless place in the hermetically sealed container.

"Azercay" buket is presented in metal tin of 100g and 250g weight, in a cardboard packing of 100g, 250g and 450g weight and also is a limpid packing of 100g, 250g, 500g and 1000g weight. 

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