Black Teas

With thyme

With thyme
For the "Azerçay Thyme", we blended two of the most beautiful, most beneficial plants of the nature - tea and thyme. The captivating fragrance of mountain slopes can be found in the boxes of "Azerçay Thyme". It's hard to get tired of it!
This product is a mixture of delicate thyme leaves that give us the medium-leaf long, twisted Orange Pekoe tea and charming nature. The colour is bright golden-red. The aroma and taste are of delicate thyme.
To feel the flavour of the tea, it is necessary to adhere properly to the brewing rules. Particularly what required is a fresh and light water. The boiling water should not be boiled longer than 10 seconds in order to keep the oxygen intact. The boiled water should not be used for the second time. It would be better to brew tea in the porcelain teapot, not in the metal one. 200 ml of freshly boiled water should be poured over the 2 teaspoons of long-leaf tea and the lid of the must be covered. To make the tea more delicious, it is necessary to cover the pot with the kitchen towel and wait for 6-7 minutes. After opening the box, keep it in a dry and scentless place in a hermetically sealed container.
Black tea "Azerçay Thyme" is offered to consumers packed in 100g cardboard boxes and as a 50g package of tea bags (2g*25 pieces per package).

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