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Tea with peach

Tea with peach

Azerçay Peach flavored black tea teabag – According to the myths of India, peach is the symbol of long life with being Magic Fruit. "Peach" as a gift expresses a desire for a long life. Two peaches together mean families would wish to live up to their old ages.

This is made with high quality black tea and flavor of peach fruit. The taste of the tea is mouth dazzling, aroma - peach flavored, the color of the brew - bright red.

Use fresh and light water while brewing tea. It should not be boiled for longer than 10 seconds in order not to lose oxygen while boiling. Boiled water should not be reused. Put a teabag in 200 ml freshly boiled water. Wait for 2-3 minutes to brew and it is ready to drink.

Azerçay Peach Fruit flavored black tea is presented in a 45 gr (1.8 gr * 25 pcs) teabags.

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