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Loving hearts

Loving hearts

“Azerçay” Loving hearts - The tea prepared from several season fruits will make your mood pleasant. You will be able to give this delicious tea in its special packaging to your dears as a gift.

There are strawberry flavored black teas, lemon flavored black tea, berry flavored black tea, and mango flavored black tea and orange flavored black tea in this product box. Each of them is qualitative product individually. 

Brew a delicious tea that makes everyone delightful. Use fresh and light water while brewing tea and do not boil for more than 10 seconds to avoid losing oxygen in boiling. Boiling water should not be used for re-boiling. Put a teabag to the 200 ml boiling water. Wait for 2-3 minutes and it is ready to drink. 

The product is presented with 5 varieties of tea teabag in a 180 gr tin box.

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