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Greek lavander

Greek lavander

Lavender – (Lavandula) - Starting from the depth of the sea and from the root of the green, we naturally collected Lavatta, which grows naturally in the sun-soaked soils in the Mount Ida and in state reserve near the sea. The taste, aroma and content of the lavender herb will relax you and bring you comfort in secret moments. Lavender is a perennial flavored plant. The homeland of this plant is considered to be Mediterranean coast.


  • It strengthens the immune system
  • It reduces the savor
  • It should also be used in stress and depression
  • It normalizes the brain, head, heart blood circulation

100% Lavender

Put Azerçay Lavender-Blue Tea in a glass of hot water in the shape of branch and drink the tea after 2-3 minutes. Bon appetit! The recommended daily usage is 2-3 cups.

Azerçay Lavender-Blue Tea is presented in a 15gr cardboard package. 

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